Blogging Guide

Five different between free and paid themes


When we create blogs, first comes to the personalization. So that we get a lot of free themes in the market, but there are some themes that we need to purchase.

But do you know what is the difference between these two?If you don’t know don’t worry I write this post about that.

1 Design of the theme

Design of a free themes is very simple and small like simple pages normal menu style single colour etc but a paid theme have options to design it and also available in multiple colours. Some free themes are not embed search options in menu section.

2 SEO optimisation structure

The theme developer create a free themes like part time but they given full time to paid theme. It’s generally write a simple and easy structure but to paid theme developer write according to fully seo optimisation to search results ranking. this facility is very low in free themes.

3 Support of service

In the free themes if you have any problems to solve customer service not available this service. But if i have paid theme it’s have customer support.

4 Personalization of the theme

In the free themes we won’t be able to customise design more than basic but in the Paid theme we are able to customise with advance customiser. And make site looks better than normal.

5 Performance of themes

Performance means speed and support to the theme. Free themes are sometime slow to open your site and take a long time more than paid theme. And the paid themes performance much better than free themes. For example free themes page job loading is 5sec and Paid theme take only 2 second.

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