Health & Medicine

Elements of minor surgery and dressing

Minor surgery and dressing is required in case of wound. The procedure involves

  1. Exposure of wound
  2. Preparation of apparatus
  3. Removal or foreign body
  4. Cleaning the wound
  5. Dressing
  1. Exposure of wound: The patient is placed in a comfortable position or allowed to sit. The wound is exposed by cutting away the clothes. If there is bleeding it must be controlled first. It is necessary to wash the hands thoroughly with soap and water before dealing with the wounds.
  2. Preparation of apparatus: Appliances required are bowls, antiseptic, warm water, dressings, scissors and forceps. Bowls and instruments must be sterilised before use.
  3. Removal of foreign bodies: The wound is further exposed. Foreign body lying loose in the wound is removed with forceps or a suitable instrument. Care is taken not to induce bleeding while removing the foreign body. Also, the wound should not be probed too much and in death.
  4. Cleaning the wound: The wound is thoroughly cleaned with suitable antiseptic solution. Antiseptics that can be used are dilute hydrogen peroxide, dettol or cetavlon. Alternatively, the wound may be washed under a running tap.
  5. Dressing: A suitable dressing should now be applied. An ideal dressing is a sterilised piece of gauze or lint. If a sterile dressing is not available, a piece of clean gauze or lint may be used. The gauze or lint is cut to the required size to cover the wound. Care is taken not be touch the side which is to be applied on the wound. (If gauze or lint is not available, the inside fold of a kerchief or a laundered towel may be used in emergency).

After applying the dressing on the wound, a pad of cottonwool is applied over the dressing and it is tied firmly by a narrow bandage. Suitable support or splint may be applied to the affeced part, If necessary.

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