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Nutrition programs in india

The Government of India has launched a number of supplementary feeding programs and also programs against specific nutritional deficiencies. The important nutrition programs are:

  1. Vitamin A prophylaxis program.
  2. Prophylaxis against nutritional anemia.
  3. Special nutrition programme.
  4. Balwadi nutrition programme.
  5. ICDS programme.
  6. Mid – day meal programme.

Vitamin A prophylaxis programme

It was launched in 1970 by the Ministry of health and family welfare. It is a programme for the control of blindness. In this programme, a does of 20000 I.U. of vitamin A is given orally every 6 months to all pre – school children.

Prophylaxis against nutritional anemia

It is a national programme launched by tha Government of India during the fourth five year plan. The programme involves the distribution of iron and folic acid tables to pregnant women and young children (1 to 12 years).

Iodine deficiency disorders control programme (IDD Control Programme)

It was mounted in 1986. The aim is replace the entire edible salt by iodine salt by 1992 in order to control iodine deficiency disorders especially goitre.

ICDS Programme

Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) programme was started in 1975. It is under the control of Ministry of Social Welfare. It involves supplementary nutrition, vitamin A prophylaxis and distribution of iron and folic acid. This programme serves children below 6 years and also pregnant and lactating mothers.

Each ICDS center covers a population of 1000 and it is managed by Anganwadi worker. They are supervised by Child Development Project Officer (CDPO).

Mid – day meal programme (MDMP)

It is also Known as School lunch programme. It is functioning throughout the country since 1961. It aims at improving both literacy and nutrition.

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