Cool tips create your blog professional

This is important part of the Blog or Website that the site looks better and attractive. In attractive home page attract much more visitors on your blog and create much more traffic and daily visitors.

So in this post we’ll discussed how can create your home page much better.

Title With Banner

In the starting any blog add a banner with attractive image it’s given nice and cool look your blog or website. Selected image for this banner should be releted of your blog type for example if you are provide medical information in your blog than the selected image for the banner should be about medicine or medical releted. After that Add a title heading of your blog overlap in the banner and below heading provide very small discription for your blog. Remember the colour of heading text not should be irritating it should be normal and attractive colour.

Focus Or Goal

In this area should be a small discription about what you will provide to visitor and what is your mission. Remember the information you provide should be short and cool they don’t irritated for visitors.


After that you provide information about team members with pictures amd name. The pictures should be grid view because it’s given look nice.

The Best Achivements

Write your achievements details with time and should be to the point. If you have Achivements pictures don’t forget to add also don’t forget to inform visitors that why you earned your achievements.

About me

Write small details about owner like “Hello! my name is ABC and I’m owner of this blog” and write your mission here it’s given trust between visitors and blog….

Now in the bottom add some link button in horizontal line you can add here About us, Contact us, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and many more according to your blog. You can also set this into bottom menu This is much better.

Subscription form

Add subscription form were visitors can subscribe your blog to get notifications of every post. in this section describe benefits of blog subscription.

If you want to Generate terms of use, privacy policy and disclaimer you can generate from Terms and privacy Generator apps the link given below đŸ‘‡

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