God magic or status of physical things

The earth that we call our mother’s mother. Is it true that God’s will is necessary for any event or is it just a thought or an ongoing tradition from ancestors or it depends on the state of material things Does. It stands as a big question even today.


Many people feel that every incident in our life that we see or hear or say that it happens, every event happens due to the will of God. And whatever we get, whether it is happiness or sorrow, we get it from our deeds and God only accounts for it, but whether this is true or whether it depends on the physical condition.

From the physical point of view

Now if physical views, then there will be some similar event in our life or will not happen. We see it as an instant. If such a religion and relief of her fruit look at the physical view, then believe that I have someone who helped the physical state now if we see the problem, and I helped him, then the person will not go ahead for the help of the future. This is not a clear example of the future, and if it is more than a head, it is a bit likely to jump over my head and then standing it, it will fall in my head. Then we take the physical stage of it, then falling on my head, then I had a mistake of my karma or fell on my head.

It still stands a big question that what happens to something that it is curious or just changes in physical objects. If you have some thinking about it in your mind, write in the comment box.

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