Typhoid fever, symptoms,and treatment…

Typhoid fever Salmonella Typhi is caused by food or water intake of infected or bacteria, or from the closest contact of this person from the bacteria. The typical fever in industrial countries is very low but it is a serious health danger for children, especially in the development. In India it is quite common, where it is also known as the Motijara and the Church Fever (Bowel Fever). According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 2.1 million typhoids in the world every year and people deep 2.22 million tied through the world.

Causes of Typhoid Fever

The tonge spreads by the cast of food from the infected human stool manuces or by increasing the moisture of the mutual products.

If the infected person discards stool or urine around the source of the river, the drain or water supply, then the water becomes corrupted and the salmonella tyffi bacteria spreads in that water. Drinking in the water before drinking the same corrupted water or making food, making the infection of our body in the body. The infected person spreads the tafide from eating sources or other things from the source of water corrupted by the urine.

How does the typhoid spread?

This transition is always the other man from a man, and does not reach any animal from humans.The bacteria of typhoid lives in humans and intestines. It spreads into humans by coming directly in the infected one of the infected stools.Salmonella Tyffi bacteria enters the mouth and remains in the intestine for 1-3 weeks. After that it goes into blood through the intestine wall. Through blood spreads in other tissues and organs. Your immune system can not fight from Salmonella Tyffy because it can remain safe by your bacteria in your cells without your cells.

Symptoms of Typhoid Fever

  • Do not be hungry
  • Stardard of headache
  • Staying a fever from 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Staying in the body
  • Lazy
  • Diarrhea
  • Cuff in the chest
  • Pain in the stomach

Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever

Its diagnosis is done by stool sample. If the test does not come right then it is tested from blood or blood of the unen.

Treatment of Typhoid Fever

The consumption of antibiotics in the treatment of typhoid fever is the only effective way.

  • Ciprofloxacin – Doctor often suggests taking medication. This drug is not given to pregnant women.
  • Ceftriaxone – It is given by those antibiotic drug injection, which can not be given a Ciprofloxacin. As: Small children.

Food for typhoid patients

Do what to eat

  • Milk and milk-based drinks.
  • Refined grains (flour, sweep, etc.) and their products such as low fiber, domestic lentils, well-covered vegetables and boiled potatoes in soft puree.
  • Substances providing proteins such as eggs, cheese, fish and chicken.

Don’t to eat

  • such as spaces, pickles, sauce and wheat flavor vegetables such as stimulating food.
  • All raw vegetables and fruits except banana and papaya.
  • Substhumated substantials such as whole grains and fibers of fiber, their pulse.

Prevention of Typhoid Fever

  • Hot water and soap is one of the best ways to defend the hand-to-handed away from the transition. Make food and eat before eating and afterholy, your hands are well. Keep alcoholic seizures with you and use them wherever the water is not available.
  • Always be used to close the water or other beverages in bottle or can. Cartonated water is safe without carbonate water. Mix the ice in drinking water. Use the bottle water to brush the teeth and do not let the water inside the mouth while doing.
  • Do not eat raw fruits and vegetables Because raw-trapped vegetables and fruits can be washed in unsafe water. Especially not eat such vegetables, which can not remove the peel, such as salad etc. To stay completely safe, you can not have to stop eating raw vegetables, fruits and without buying foods.
  • Do not eat foods that have been kept or made in normal temperature. Hot-warm fresh cooked food is more secure. Not only any bigger hotel in any big hotel, not even guaranteeing good and pure food, but still avoid the food sheet of the roadside because they are more likely to be corrupted.

Note:- All information and articles on this site are only for educational purposes. The information given here should not be used by advice of expertise without any health related problem or diagnosis or treatment of illness.

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