Sometime we think that can saved apps database to own folders for apps.

Don’t worry here is tutorial for creating folder for own apps ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Let’s open your sketchwere ide.
  • For best understand we’ll create text database and saved to own folder.
  • Create EditText and it’s will help to get database.
  • Now create a button for execute save action.
  • Now create two variable named extension and path. extension for set extension (file format) and path for save your file to path.
  • Now in Onactivity create set .txt to extension variable and set path to save file to path variable.
  • After that go to logic section and in onButton click add write string to file path block.
  • Fill write string to file path block like example- write string gettext and add join block add path variable value and extension value. see image given below.

this block get text from user and save to your folder as text document.