Hello! developers

its very simple method to rewarded video ad add on your sketchwere project just follow few steps to add rewarded video add.

First let’s know what is the rewarded video. it’s a full screen ad in this type video used to offer users their rewards like coins point etc its mostly used in the games but you can use anywhere don’t worry.

1. first open your sketchwere project and go to Library section.

2. now switched on of app compat degin and go to ad mob settings.

3. Also switched on of ad mob and insert ad unit test id banner ad and reward video ad. reward video id write in interstitial id section.

Remember for testing ads insert only test id on unit id section.

4. press next button and select device for testing. now complete your unit id setup.

5. Now create a button to show reward video ad.

6. Go to component area and create ad component.

7. Now go to Oncreate event and add interstitial ad create and interstitial ad load block

8. After that go to button onclick event and add interstitial ad show block.

9. Now ad event onAdClosed and onAdFailedToLoad.

10. onAdClosed event add add source directly block and write code given below to re request to load ads.

advrt.loadAd(new AdRequest.Builder().build());

11. And in the onAdFailedToLoad event set toast massage error.

Now run your project thank you very much for visit.