How should be about page of your website or blog

It’s more interesting topic about your page. about page of any blog or website introduce to visitors about your mission,vision,achievement, owner, team members,and etc.

What is about page

the about page is introduced about your mission vision owner information contact and etc. we can say it’s Identity of your site of blog.

Why should be about page

it is most important to explain about your site or blog.the visitor who’s visit your blog or website view your about page and analyse about you and your page details and proof of your services and know about your professional, achievement etc.

How should be attractive about page

it is good thinking about about page attract to your visitors. the about page should not be more colorful than needed also should not be colourless.its match perfectly color combinations and choose best professional color to use about page.the main think to remember that the colour you choose should not be irritating for eyes. Also design is the most best part attractions. Combined you page design of professional colors and required images.

Which point focus to about page

For the best attractive about page few most points can focus.


In this topic describe your mission. everyone who’s create site for the goal. you can explain your goal to your visitors.


Also you can write your dreams on your about page. it’s attract your visitors.


As you know achievement is growth level step by step. Also you can explain your achievement like awards certificate and more to visitors.

Team members

If your blog or site individual it’s not necessary but if have any brand or community you should be mentioned in about page with his/her profession. it’s much better if you attached images of team members.

About owner

Visitors excited to know about chairman or owner of the site or blog so you should be describe details about owner. at least basic information should be mention on page.

Why should visit our site or blog

In this section describe advantages of your site or blog. Which services you provide your visitors and what can find people on your site or blog.

Expecting from visitors

If you want any expectations from visitors you may tell in this page

Social details

Social details it means details of social networks of your community or brand.its help visitor proof your availability and visitors can follow directly from their.

Contact information

It is very important point for the about page. this information is relax to visitors. visitors can contact you or your community for any help directly by contact details.

Subscription form

In the last step don’t forget to add subscription form for subscribe your blog and get notifications directly there Gmail.

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