hi I’m Avinash today i explain about transaction error during purchase plan in WordPress site.

it’s my own experience which i share with you. it’s nither old nor too old. few day ago when I want purchase a plan i wp fill the form and also card details than hit the pay button it’s say “sorry we couldn’t process your payment please try again later”

After that i was called customer care number and explain my problem. he’s say that the e transaction services not active for your debit card please follow this step to activate.


I have done that process but my problem is still. After that i took help of wordpress officer and he told that here is no any problem please contact your bank service.

I don’t understand what i should di for that and i try another (visa) international debit card and it’s done in first time.

i can’t know what is the problem but after changing the card it’s solve.

Thank you…