Mostly in application need time and date to save details. Some time we need date from calendar to use provide or get any details and also for jump in date. For example i want to develop memo apps.

in this app date and time necessary to create details. time and date also for set reminder alarm. calendar component handle all data of time and date.

Here is 7 block of calendar component in sketchwere.

  • As you can see in 1 block get now block get calendar (date and time) on component.
  • Second block is add value in this block can add specific time and date value on component.
  • Third block is set value block. this block can set value of date and time on component.
  • setTime block set the calendar to a specific time value(ms)
  • Difference block find different values from two calendar component.
  • Format block get date and time to a specific format.
  • getTime(ms) block get the time for every Mini second on component.

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