Customize with properties

Properties is necessary to build apps. its helpful to control and handle position design and etc. there many types properties and different uses.

Property types

  • Width
  • Height
  • Padding
  • Margin
  • Gravity
  • Layout gravity
  • Weight
  • Text
  • Text size
  • Text style
  • Text color
  • Background resource
  • Background color
  • Rotate
  • Alpha
  • Translation H
  • Translation Y
  • Scale H
  • scale Y
  • ID

Width and height

Width and height is handle horizontal and vertical size of any widgets and layout. you can set minimum 1dpi and maximum 999dpi.


Padding is maintain gaping inside of any linear or widgets or view. this type property work inside of widgets or anything.


Margin also create and maintain value of gap. but they different from padding and maintain gaping from any side.

Gravity & layout gravity

Gravity is maintaine and control position of any widgets linear and layout gravity also work same. But not same both. gravity control inside position of any type widgets or layout and layout gravity control any layout or widgets position.

example- Center, bottom,left,right.

Weight & sum weight

Weight is set widgets or layout size automatically if set value. and one of the best thing weight is automatic observe any size of mobile screen and devide same size according to any screen. And sum weight is also automatic devide areas according to value.

Example- if i create a vertical linear and inside of linear create 3 imageview and set weight 1 both 3 imageview than we can see every imageview take equal space. and set sum value 4 of linear than we can see linear diveded 4 equal space and after take equal 3 space by imageviews left one more equal space.

Text size style and colour

In text we can set text what I want in textview and also maintain sizes of textview colour changing and design.

Background resource and colour

Any type of widgets or layout take background. and background color change colour of background and give good and nice look. you can set any color using hex color code.

Background resource is same like background color but they set background images not color. background resource set any image in background.


Rotate property it’s help to rotate anything by set value in degree. for example set value 90 of rotate. than widgets or layout rotate 90 degree.


Alpha handle opacity of any content. Minimum value of alpha is 0.1 and maximum is 1.0 value.

Translation H & Y

translation H is control position and maintain gaping of any content left to right side. value 0.1 to 999.

Translation Y is control position and maintain gaping of any content up to bottom side. value 0.1 to 999.


ld is the uniq name of widgets or layout. this uniq name help to find by id for performed any program. its identification.

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