Control block (if else block)

Control block also known as if else block which is create conditions to perform any action. if else block perform action both condition true and false. But forever, repeat and if than block perform in true condition. list of control block below…

  • Repeat block
  • forever block
  • If than block
  • If else block

Repeat block

Repeat block such a amezing block and it’s continue perform till the true of conditions. for example if i want repeat one action 99 times. it’s too boring to create 99 times same action but if i use repeat block and set value 99 than action automatic repeat till the 99 times(till the true condition).

Forever block

Forever block also perform similar action. and repeat action forever till the condition true. but to stop forever action in this block use if else block to create conditions. when not use any conditions may be running block forever and application may be crash.

for example if i want 99 times perform any action with forever block. create forever block and inside of this block create a condition like if variable X=99 than stop block another repeat action.

If than block

If than block perform only true condition. when condition is false if than block not perform any action. for example create a if than block and in the condition create if variable (or any value) is equal than create any action. in this block if condition is true than cxecute your action another not so any action.

If else block

If else block mostly used block and contain two action that means it’s perform both condition true and false. for example create if else block and in condition create a condition. set action when conditions true and false both. if run the app you can see if condition is true app perform action and also perform action if condition is false.

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