Use of widgets in sketchwere IDE

To know about widgets in sketchwere and their uses.

Widgets is the important part of any programs.without widgets we can’t create any programs.use of the widgets is according to their properties.

for example- textview widgets use to set text.

here is some different widgets.lets know about them. look image below.

1. textview- this widget are use for set any text what you want.exampl – set title, subtitle,names, description etc.

2. EditText – the EditText widgets is use for get data from user.this widgets allow to get text data from user. you can also set text to show users.

3. Button – this widgets is a clickable widgets.when click on this widgets we can handle any action like set text, open new page,and can more action according their use.

4. imageView – this widgets is use to set images in your programme.

5. checkBox – this widgets is use to select items and create conditions true and false also also create binary conditions.checkbox is used as they need.

6. Spinner – this widgets is use to create a drop-down or pop-up menu to get one selection by user. remember that you can get only one selection at one time in spinner.

7. ListView – this widgets is use to to show items from sources (array,data,list strings,list map,map list etc).The list items are automatically inserted to the listusing an Adapter that pulls content from a source such as an array or database.

8. WebView – this widgets is use to load webpage inside of your application.WebView is a view that display web pages inside your application. You can also specify HTML string and can show it inside your application usingWebView. WebView makes turns your application to a web application.

9. Switch – this widgets is use to create two options. for example when switch is ON handle any action as you want and if switch is OFF you can handle reset action.

10. SeekBar – this widgets is a ProgressBarelement’s extension that allows the selection of integer values using a natural user interface. seekbar allow user to change int value by sliding seekbar position.

11. ProgressBar – it’s a progress graphics pattern. this widgets is use to show progress of loading till the complete action task. for example when you transfer any data to Forder the progress bar show progress point of transfer data.

12. CalendarView – calendar widget is use to create a calendar view,get real time and date.

13. Adview – adview widgets is use to monetize your application and earn money.

14. MapView – map view widgets is use to create map inside of your application.

I hope you understand about widgets. thanks for visiting.

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