User of intent component to share link in sketchwere block programming

In this post we’ll learn about link share with help of intent component

If we discuss this, sharing the link is very important for the developers of today’s generation. As we know, under the new rules of the Play Store, the privacy policy and terms of condition should be in the HTML format. So by linking this method we can easily get the user to the HTML page.

This method is not the only purpose that developers can use it according to their usage. Just like the user to reach your site or blog etc.

So let’s get started follow few steps to do this. there are three blocks to complete this process.

  • First open your project in sketchwere IDE.
  • create a button to execute share action.

  • After this go to component section and add intent component named anything for ex. iten.

  • Now Go to event section and click on button onclick.

  • After this drog & drop three blocks names are set action, set data, and last block is start activity.
  • remember that in the set action block set view
  • And in set data block join https:// before past or type link

  • Now run your program

What in video

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