Use of intent component to make call in sketchwere

Hello developers If we talk about calling a number comes in our brain through which we call. But what is the only calling process from the number is complete. No need for us that we should have such a system so that we can complete this process.

These are normal conversation if we talk about the program, we take the number from the user to give an instruction. The system proceed by processing the same intentions and the system.

So let’s learn how to coding for calls in Sketchwere or any other block programming … for this we will use the block below

  • First of all open your sketchwere ide
  • after that create a vertical linear
  • inside of vertical linear create a edittext and a button

  • and now Go to logic section and click button onclick

  • Than go to component and add a intent component

  • after added intent component go to component section and drog and drop set action block and set action call

  • Than add set data block and add join operator
  • in the join operator type first value tel: and second value get text edittext block

  • After that drog last block start activity

  • Now run your program

Watch in video

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